September 2017: Newcon Press will publish my novella Ghost Frequencies in 2018. Read the press release

November 2016, I completed work on a 90,000 word near-to intermediate future hard sf novel, titled 'Echogenesis'. At the moment, it's in search of a publisher. If you're a publisher, contact the John Jarrold Agency.

June 2016: my short story Senseless appeared in the UK magazine 'Shoreline of Infinity'.  

December 2015: My eight-thousand word novella, Scienceville, appeared in the December 2015 issue of Interzone magazine, the UK's premier sf short story magazine. My first publication in that magazine, back in 1994, became the basis for my first published novel, Angel Stations, in 2004. Scienceville is also available as a free download from the front page of this website.