Brain in a Jar Books

Brain In A Jar Books sprang to life when, just before New Year's Eve of 2011, I had a minor epiphany and realised I knew a number of writers with previously published work that had been 'resting' for quite a while. 'Resting' meaning, their work was no longer in print. 

Since then, a number of ebooks have been released through Amazon Kindle's ebook publishing program under the Brain in a Jar imprint:

The latest release is The Cowboy Saints and Other Tales of Wonder by Phil Raines and Harvey Welles. Phil and Harvey are one of sf and fantasy's best kept secrets: several of the stories in this collection have been reprinted in various Year's Best SF and Fantasy anthologies, as well as gaining 'honourable mentions' in both Dozois' Year's Best SF and Locus magazine.

Iron Mosaic, by Mike Cobley - a collection of short fiction by the author of the Shadowkings and Humanity's Fire trilogies, currently still available in hardcopy format by Immanion Press (who kindly granted us permission to release this ebook edition). The book was first published in the mid-2000s, before Mike better known for the Humanity's Fire space opera series for Orbit Books. 

The Cyber Puppets, by Angus McAllister. Angus is the author of (amongst others) The superb Krugg Syndrome and The Canongate Strangler. The Cyber Puppets was originally scheduled to be published by Big Engine several years back - only for that company to go out of business just two weeks before the book was due to be released.

With Time Comes Concorde, and other stories, by Duncan Lunan. Duncan is the author of non-fiction works such as Man and the Planets, a runaway non-fiction bestseller when it was first published in the 70s. Since then, he's regularly published major awards-nominated short stories and novellas in  professional press, as well as non-fiction articles, to leading US publications such as Analog and IASFM. With Time Comes Concorde collects four linked novellas that first appeared in Analog and IASFM.

Judgement by Fergus Bannon was the first BIAJ release by a previously unknown author, and has already gained considerable criticlal attention

It started with a few isolated incidents: a mob shootout in Las Vegas, a firefight in the Central American jungles - one apparently unconnected event after the other, hinting at a worldwide conspiracy of unprecedented proportions. But before long CIA computer expert Bob Leith realises it's something much more than mere globalised terrorism, something literally not of this world. His understanding of the nature of reality, and of what it means to be human, will be challenged to the very core in a dazzling novel of intrigue, physics and espionage.

Fergus Bannon's The Unusual Genitals Party: 
Six stories and two essays by the author of Judgement. 

A race of intelligent microbes that leave one last message before becoming extinct; 

A student party gatecrashed by an alien symbiote; 

A gangster who finds there's nothing quite so profitable as the near-future world of academie; 

A man who commits a suicide so perfect, even God can't save him; 

A battle between two astronauts sent on a suicide mission to save the world. 

A groundbreaking collection of stories and essays from the author of Judgement guaranteed to turn your mind upside down and inside out. Also included is the classic non-fiction piece Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Neurosurgery Because You Were Too Well-Adjusted to Ask.

Fergus Bannon has had fiction published in Interzone, Territories, West Coast Magazine and Shipbuilding.