Early sales

I've been scanning various old documents I thought worth preserving, along with various legal documents I might need to refer to while abroad. During the process I came across this, which I figured (naturally) was worth preserving. It's the acceptance letter for my first ever professional sale as a writer, to a long, long-defunct horror magazine called Skeleton Crew waaaay back in early 1990.

Here's what it says, in case you can't read the handwriting (I've adjusted it a bit to try and make it stand out):

Many thanks for sending 'Mother Love' to the magazine. I'd really like to use it but, sadly, have a very tight budget. I could only offer you £30 for it. Is that okay?
   Ps - is there any chance of supplying the story on a disk? It would be a great help. 

I re-read it now and think you total chancer. In fairness, the official rate would have got me £40, so I was only losing a tenner (the story was just two thousand words long).* And it was a pro sale, my first, so whoopee! And then he has the cheek to ask me to post it on a disk, those being the pre-internet days. I can't remember if I did or not.

Interesting side note - this editor was, I think, the second the magazine had during its short run, after the original apparently published a long editorial in the first or second issue lambasting the publishing company who had taken his magazine on, and was promptly out on his ear. A bit of an own goal, that.

*I do recall speaking once to Keith Brooke, who also had a story in that issue, who informed me that he never got paid at all, so perhaps I can count myself as lucky. 

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