Where in the world is Gary?

In a run-down hotel in the centre of Taipei, actually, with my wife, visiting friends and revisiting old haunts. meanwhile, the rest of Tor UK is presumably on the come down from the recent SFX Weekender at Prestatyn (I was at the previous SFX event last year). It's nice to hit the night markets again, and it's been a very pleasant and balmy 21 - 28 C for much of the time. I'm not back in the UK until later in the month, but I'll definitely be making it to the Satellite 3 convention at Glasgow's Central Hotel (a bit of a homecoming, that - the very first conventions I ever went to were in the Central Hotel in the early Eighties).

Meanwhile, I'm going to be uploading another Brain in a Jar book sometime in the next couple of weeks - Angus McAllister's Cyber Puppets. Here's the blurb:

Prime-time satire. The Lairds of Glendoune are rich and powerful, their wealth based on the family whisky. Their constant crises keep the lawyers and hospitals of Primeburgh in business, the eldest son Wilson Laird tried to frame his father for murder (but his parents forgave him after his near-fatal accident) and no one notices when the family patriarch Hector Laird comes back from Europe with a new head.
Add all this to his memory lapses and complete absence of free will, and Hector's son-in-law Scott Maxwell slowly becomes convinced that this can't be right ... and then the reality around him collapses altogether, plunging him into a devastated world of the future.
Back in the real world, the Earth is dying; the environment is poisoned, and human society itself is on the downward plunge as vision and drive wither away from the human gene pool. What has all this to do with a twentieth century American soap opera?

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