Release date

Today is the official release date of both the hardback of Final Days and the paperback of Empire of Light, but if you're someone who occasionally drops by these pages and perhaps even - shock! - reads my books, you probably already have one or both, since they've already been shipping for a couple of weeks. I have celebrated by stripping one wall of my living room in preparation for this afternoon's re-papering - people ask me why I don't do a book launch, but these are rarely worth the trouble and, truth be told, I don't really enjoy being the centre of attention all that much. I will, however, be attending the launch of Hal Duncan's new collection here in Glasgow on Saturday evening - details of which can be found at halduncan.com.

I was disappointed not to find the words GET OUT OF MY HOUSE written in blood on the plaster behind the stripped wallpaper. I am struggling to resist the urge to buy some red paint and put those very words up on the wall before covering it over to freak future owners of this property when or if ever I sell it.

What else? I'm putting together outlines for some books I'm hoping to pitch to Tor about this time next year. Once I've done that, I'll start work on my next, already-contracted book for Tor, A River Across the Sky/River of Light (haven't quite made up my mind which title to use yet). This one is set in the Shoal universe, but features all-new characters and is set a couple of centuries on from the end of Empire of Light. It's also a stand-alone.

I also had the interesting experience of teaching a two-week course in science fiction writing at Strathclyde University immediately after emailing Thousand Emperors, the sequel to Final Days, off to Tor. Fun, but exhausting. When I get the chance or inclination, I'll try and write some more about that. 


paulb said...

I received Empire of Light the other day, its now near the top of my "to read" pile. Keep up the good work.

Andrew said...

The kindle downloaded your book (was on preorder) this morning.

I'm now 15% into it and can say I am thoroughly enjoying it!

Is some of it inspired by your time in the Far East?

Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

Andrew - I wouldn't say 'inspired' exactly, but when you're living somewhere like that, it's kind of a shame to waste any good details you pick up. But yeah, certainly, the scene set in Taiwan could be said to be 'inspired' by living there.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Another good word for the wall would be "Duck!"