I finally bought a Kindle to replace my Sony Reader. The Reader is a wonderful device in many ways, but getting ebooks onto it can be a pain in the arse. The Kindle is different. There are still hurdles that have to be dealt with, of course - getting rid of DRM, in particular - but as a reading experience it is,without a doubt, superior. The screen is a little clearer and sharper and less reflective than the Sony. I got the basic WiFi model, since the 3G version is aimed mainly at people who travel a great deal more than I do or people who struggle to get a file from their computer and onto an external. Although I can browse the Amazon website from the Kindle itself (as long as I'm range of a WiFi transmitter), it's generally a lot easier to do it from my own Macbook and just have Amazon send samples of books I'm interested in to it direct. I particularly like the onboard dictionary, and the Kindle's case feels more tactile as well (the Sony always felt like it would slide out of my hand at any second).

And, frankly, books just look better on the Kindle than the Sony, by a long way. Emma's going to inherit the Sony for something to read as she travels to work.

As I already said, getting hold of it proved to be something of a hassle. The first time I ordered one, Royal Mail and Amazon's website told me it had been delivered to me. That ended with me calling Amazon who filed it as stolen and refunding the money. I wound up ordering another one from Amazon, but on special delivery, and guaranteed to arrive by 1pm the next day.

Guess what: it didn't turn up the next day. I called Amazon and got them to refund the cost of the special delivery. It did finally turn up, yesterday morning, the day after it was supposed to arrive. Now I've got two in the house, one of which is waiting to be picked up by DHL and returned to Amazon.

Interestingly enough, after having made enquiries at the one store in town that sells the Kindle over the counter, and being informed it's selling so fast they can't keep it in stock, I suspect the predictions that the Kindle is this year's hot ticket for Christmas Day might be on the money.


Unknown said...

There's a Python script called MobiDeDrm that can remove the DRM from Mobipocket files (an obfuscated form of which Amazon uses for Kindle AZW files). The latest version tends to float around a bit - I think the one at http://pastebin.com/f523cbb17

Personally I love my Kindle.

Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

Hi Alex - I know all about DeDRM, and make frequent use of it. In fact, there's a much better piece of software floating around out there now that handles pretty much all the file formats going.

Unknown said...
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Andrew said...

Have just bought a Kindle to replace my Sony ereader which has a cracked screen.

Must say I am impressed. Although I have had the use of it for an evening only it does appear well designed and thought out. Plus there does appear to be more content available for it.

I prefer the grayscale font of the sony reader though, it feels easier on my eyes.

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Unknown said...
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