There Are Rat Bastards Everywhere

Go and read this post on Nick Mamatas' blog pertaining to an acquaintance of his, who discovered a for-profit US print magazine had - without permission - lifted an online article she'd written and published it. On Nick's advice she wrote to the magazine and asked for payment - and the editor wrote back, suggesting the author should be paying her.

Makes you weep. There are creeps everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gary,

Think that's bad? Try this.


And yes, it's a completely safe link.

Orin Thomas said...

While I agree with your sentiment entirely, I also did find it interesting that on a few blogs the same people who are so angry about defending their "right" to download TV shows/movies and computer games are incensed about this particular instance of copyright infringement.

Cory Doctorow *seems* to promote the idea of copyright infringement as some sort of publicity exercise (Doctorow's position is more complicated than that, but he doesn't help it by being such an apparent advocate for piracy).