My publishing experiment, continued

Several days ago, I wrote about an excellent unpublished novel by a writer I've known for nearly twenty years. Fergus Bannon finished his book just in time for real life to scupper any serious attempts at placing it with either an agent or a publisher. As a result it wound up forgotten in a drawer for a long, long time until I asked to see it. I liked it so much I was determined that it shouldn't simply vanish. And since Fergus has zero time or opportunity to do anything about it, I volunteered to try and get it out there in some way.

Well, you can buy it now, from the online publishing site Smashwords, as an ebook in a wide variety of formats for the price of $2.00. It's been raved about by Neil Williamson and Jim Steel, both of them frequent contributors to Interzone, here and here.

Free copies of the ebook go to anyone who has a blog, website or twitter account and is willing to give the book some kind of review or mention: to this end, either email me (gary at garygibson dot net) or leave contact details in the comments for this entry and I'll send you a code you can use to download the book from Smashwords for free. Otherwise, you can download and read the first 50% of the book for free, or read it online here.

The blurb: 'It started with a few isolated incidents. A mob shootout in Las Vegas, a firefight in the Central American jungles - one apparently unconnected event after the other, hinting at a worldwide conspiracy of unprecedented proportions. But before long CIA computer specialist Bob Leith realises it's something much more than mere globalised terrorism, something literally not of this world ...'


The Antihippy said...


I really like the cover. Who did it?

I remain to be convinced about ebooks but I do have stanza on my ipod touch (for those moments when I forget to carry a book).

Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

Hi Gav. I did the cover myself.

The Antihippy said...

Well, in that case, congratulations. I really like it!

Andrew said...

hello, I haver just bought this book and will let you know what I think of it.

P.s. have just read Nova war on my Sony Reader Touch ( I read stealing light in normal book form). I can't seem to find your two earlier books in ebook (epub) form. Are they available anywhere?

Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

Hi Andrew - Against Gravity and Angel Stations aren't available in electronic form, I'm afraid. I'd like it if they were - I read mostly on a Sony 505 myself these days - but I suspect if they ever do become available, it'll be as a result of something like Google Books rather than because Tor UK decide to make them available as such. If it was up to me they'd publish the ebooks, but ...

Andrew said...

This book was great, thank you for publishing it.

You should tell Fergus that he should try and get published, I would have paid the normal book price for this.

I'm not on twitter or facebook etc, but if you would like me to leave comments or feedback somewhere please let me know.

Cheers once again!

Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

Hi Andrew - the best place to leave a quick recommendation of Fergus's book is here, at the Mobileread.com forum where people post their recommendations.

It's a very popular website dedicated to ebooks, if you're not already familiar with it. Failing that, a quick review on smashwords itself would be great.

Stacey Matthews said...


I have a twitter account and a blog and a facebook account. I am also a contributer on Shelfari. I would love to read and review this book, and put in a plug. I am also a high school English teacher, and am always looking for books to recommend for my more gifted readers.
You can contact me at smatthews5@hotmail.com