I Am Borg

Or rather, I Have Joined The Twitter Collective. To be honest, I really wasn't sure of the point of Twitter until someone described it as 'microblogging' and then suddenly it made sense to me. I don't actually post that frequently, but there are often little scraps and bits of pieces of information I stumble across here and there that often have me thinking, 'oh, that looks interesting. Maybe I should blog about that', and then never do. But this way, a couple of words on something and maybe a link using Twitter seems like a good way to get past that.


Bob Lock said...

Hey Gary,
Just finished 'Stealing Light' and thoroughly enjoyed it. Took me less than a week to read its 600 pages compared to the almost six weeks it took me to finish Anathem (granted it has 900 pages) Really enjoyable read with great characters and intriguing storyline. Only thing is, I came up with a similar idea as your Ghost interface for my own SF novel (which I started bloody hundreds of years ago) and still haven't finished yet. Now I'm going to have to do a shit-load of editing!
Bob :)

Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

Thanks for the kind comments, Bob. For what it's worth, you could give the exact same plot idea or gimmick to half a dozen writers and they would all come up with half a dozen very different stories. I'm sure whatever you did with your version of 'ghost' technology (which is really just the software running on Dakota's implants) would be very different anyway.