taking a break

Yesterday I was in Hong Kong all day, and today I've just been sitting in the flat in Taipei browsing the net and generally not doing any work. I hit the 20–30k writing barrier; I get that far, then anything that's wrong with the plot comes screaming out, and I have to take a step back and figure out what the book should really be about. It happened with Stealing Light, and it happened with Against Gravity and the one before that too. Basically, you get so far in, and then you know what is or isn't working.

So I'm taking a step back, doing some relaxing and reading (new Neal Stephenson! Yay!), and trying to not think about the third Dakota Merrick book too hard just yet. At least, not until Saturday or Sunday, when I can come at it again with a clearer mind.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gary,

Just to confirm that the download information you have received isn't quite correct, the Waterstones.com website will allow you to attempt to download an ebook 3 times before the link is no longer valid, if a customer is still struggling after this it will need to be reset by a customer service agent. To download an ebook you will need Adobe Digital Editions and this will store all your library of ebooks, so should your computer crash it should still be stored there, in addition the link that can be used 3 times is in your Waterstones.com account which can be accessed from any pc and therefore is not reliant on it being stored on your pc.

I hope this clarifies the situation for you and that your faith in Waterstone's remains intact.


Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

That does make a big difference, Kathryn, and seems not unreasonable - although given the temperamental nature of some computers, three downloads seems a bit of a small number. I've taken out the bit about Waterstones, since what you tell me proves it to be incorrect. Thank you.