Ebook out

You might be interested to know you can now buy Stealing Light from Waterstones as an ebook. It's also available direct from Pan Macmillan as part of a 3 for 2 offer that also includes China Mieville, John Scalzi, Neal Asher and Hal Duncan.

I should also add that I was recently contacted by the man in charge of taking Pan Macmillan deeper into the digital age as to whether I would be happy about Stealing Light being released as an ebook without any DRM; a request to which my reply was a hearty yes. Neither the Pan Macmillan site nor the relevant Waterstones page mentions this, unfortunately. It needs, I think, to be trumpeted; but the Waterstones ebook site, for one, is barely up. Let's see how it's looking in a couple days time.

Update: it turns out that all the ebooks available directly from Pan Macmillan at www.panmacmillan.com are free of DRM.


Unknown said...

They might be 3 for 2 but they're still the same price as the paperback version which is just madness...

Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

Unless you're outside the UK, Darren, in which case you won't have to pay the VAT on the books, which takes about a fifth off the price (17.5% to be precise). The same should go for the same books on the Waterstones price, which are marked slightly lower, assuming you're not worried about them having DRM.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gary,
Got the 3 for 2 deal - including Stealing Light. I've had a Sony reader for over a year - but being based in Tokyo have been unable to get much recent fiction to read on it. Nice to see Pan Mac, Waterstones and soon Penguin selling epub content. btw all 3 books from Pan were indeed DRM free. However one of the 2 I purchased from Waterstones was not.

Waterstones also depends on using adobe digital editions and "registering" your reader which is a bit annoying and will probably throw off no-technical users of their site.