A while back I mentioned something about writing a short - a very, very short script - for something to do with the BBC. As in, one minute short. It actually got filmed several weeks back and it's been completed, along with two other short-short films, and is getting shown in one of the viewing rooms at BBC Scotland in the middle of the week. Annoyingly/unsurprisingly, I can't be there, but I'm hoping I can persuade my 'script editor on the inside' to send me a copy. It's very nice when you can add a sentence like 'wrote a screenplay for the BBC and had it produced' to your writing CV. Even if it's, er, only a minute long. The film is called 'Unbound' and, with any luck, will prove to be very, very violent.


paul f cockburn said...


A mention of the BBC is usually good on a CV. Just don't mention the duration.

Unknown said...

so then how do I get tickets for the screening....get to see how truly screwed up you are