Outlines and book fairs

Lots of new outlining for the last third of the book. I could easily push the thing to way over the hundred and thirty thousand words I promised the publisher, but frankly I'd rather keep it within limits. One thing people said about Stealing Light that I appreciated was that it was low on padding and kept things moving quickly, and hopefully that's how things'll work out this time as well. Short, sharp, fast and streamlined. The manuscript has been static at just under 90k for the past couple of weeks, but there's been several thousand words of notes, ideas, outlining and story-mapping since then.

Went to the Taipei International Book Exhibition in an enormous conference hall last night - should have taken pictures, but I still forget sometimes to pick up the camera on my way out the door. It was busy, as any five-day event with an overall attendance of not far under half a million might be expected to be, and unsurprisingly most of what was there wasn't English language. But there was some stuff; along with publishers from Germany, Sweden, Korea and every point between. No sf as such - I'd briefly wondered about spotting some examples of the apparently healthy mainland Chinese science fiction market, momentarily forgetting the political tensions involved - so the nearest we got to my favourite form of fiction was: a large display of Japanese fiction from a Japanese publisher, and a slightly more modest stand for Games Workshop.

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