Ideas for freebies

There's some photos I really ought to get around to putting up, including some of a Lantern Festival I visited with Emma a few days ago. It's sort of a static parade, with floats designed by kids from local schools. I note with considerable interest that the next free ebook Tor.com are putting up is Robert Charles Wilson's 'Spin', which won a couple of major awards in fairly recent history. It's a great book, very much worth signing up to the Tor website to get hold of.
It reminded me a little of Eon/Forge of God-period Greg Bear.

On the issue of freebies, I've been playing with the idea of sticking a couple of unsold short stories up here somewhere. I'm not exactly prolific when it comes to short stuff, to say the least, and sending the things out by the usual traditional means always seemed like a grind when I could be working on actual books I'm getting paid for. One piece I've got in mind came from a conversation about vampire stories at my writer's group in Glasgow, at which I stated the opinion there really wasn't anything new or original or even interesting that could be written in that genre, or at least anything likely to have any appeal to me (the last - okay, one of the few - pieces of vampire-type fiction I read and enjoyed was Lucius Shepard's The Golden, but it was Lucius Shepard, for chrissake. If he wrote jamjar labels I'd probably read them).

A week after I stated this opinion, I'd written a vampire story. Go figure. I sent it out a couple of places, got a couple of 'keep in touch' rejections, then couldn't be bothered sending it out any more. It needs maybe a tiny bit of fixing, but once that's done, it might turn up here. Mind you, I really ought to get round to putting up segments from my other books in those pages I set up. Colour me slow.

Other news; Stealing Light got picked up for publication in Germany. Not sure when. That was a while back actually, I think I just forgot to mention it.


Anonymous said...

You could send your short stories to the guys over at Escape Pod for the audio treatment. If they use one you'll even get paid.

mikeharknett said...

For a completly different take on vampires have you tried Peter Watts Blindsight? You can download the pdf from his web site rifters.com, also has a supporting piece "Vampire Domestication" at http://www.rifters.com/real/progress.htm


Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

Edash - that's not too bad an idea, although I should point out you underestimate the sheer depths of my combined procrastination and laziness in such matters. Yes, I'm that lazy. But I'll be keeping that option in mind. Mike - I was aware of the Watts book, I have it downloaded in readiness for the day, if ever it comes, I buy an ebook reader. But I'll be checking out the other link now as well, thanks.