reviews and more redesigns

I'm assuming there's some kind of review of Stealing Light out somewhere, because my hit counter just spiked again, to almost three times my usual daily hit rate. The last time it spiked really high was when I talked about fantasy and sf, a topic that got me more hits in a twenty-four hour period than I've had in any single week since starting this blog. I don't recall saying anything vaguely controversial in the past several weeks, so this time I figure it's a review. Somewhere.

The attempt to design a blog page for the Stealing Light excerpt somehow morphed into an attempt to redesign the main blog page itself. I got some suggestions about switching to Wordpress, but for the moment I'm sticking to Blogger on the basis I've just about figured out roughly what's going on under the hood there, whereas with Wordpress I'd be starting out all over again. So until I have the time to spare, I'll have to stick with Blogger. It might not be perfect, but it does work. At some point in the next several weeks I'll switch the new design to this blog, at which point you can expect blogging cataclysm, I suspect, considering the source code here hasn't been updated since, gosh, 2003?

If you're seen or are intending to see (as I am) Cloverfield (over the course of the Chinese New Year while down south in Tainan), and if you also happen to be a fan of Lost (as I am. Yeah, yeah, whatever. I don't care. I'm in 'till the probably extremely bitter end), you'll want to see the video below: a twenty-minute talk by J.J. Abrams about exactly why he doesn't want you to have any effing idea what's going on in the island.

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