Procrastination: An Expert Guide

I got a bit annoyed reading various blogs wherein Jay Lake and others proudly attest to knocking out a quick ten thousand words of publishable prose a night, despite holding down a day job. Not annoyed at them, annoyed at me. I'm getting there, sometimes a little under a thousand words most nights, if I'm doing well closer to two thousand words. Usually. But I always feel like I could do more if I could just stop getting bleedin' distracted. By web page designs, for instance.

Like I said, I'm slowly designing some test blog pages for a revamp of this blog, and for some additional pages featuring excerpts from each book as well as, eventually, associated downloads in a couple of different formats for handhelds, computers, ereaders and so forth. To this end, I've been playing around with header designs and the like. One thing I was thinking of putting at the top of the main blog page in particular was this.

It would sit behind the blogtitle and the underlying description.

Unless, of course, I decide I hate it in another week or so.


Anonymous said...

you will hate it, nice colour scheme but awful images, try something more vague perhaps

Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

More 'abstract', I think you mean, but it depends on which way the wind is blowing. This one combines a probe-taken photo of Saturn with an image taken from the cover of the new book. Abstract or illustrative? Sometimes it's terribly hard to make up my mind.

Anonymous said...

I like the colour scheme and the Saturn photo, but the image from Stealing Light is just too hard, if you know what I mean. It needs to be softer on the eye and perhaps blend in a little more. Also, the quality of the overall banner could be a little better, especially as the qualit of the Saturn image is much lower than the Stealing Light image.

Only my humble opinion though, it's what you think will look good at the end of the day - after all, it's your blog!!