Next stop ...

Things might be quiet round here for the next week or so because I'm packing a lot of stuff away to go back to Taipei for a while; at least a couple of months, somewhat longer if I can manage it. I leave early next week, and since Sunday I've been doing pretty much nothing but packing stuff and storing it away for a friend to move in and look after the place. With any luck the packing will be done by Sunday next, which'll leave me Monday free to relax and finish off packing whatever I'm taking with me.

Taipei's a big, busy, modern city and the capital of one of the most successful countries - Taiwan - in that part of the world. Note: that's Taiwan, not Thailand. I hate it when people keep mixing them up. If you're wondering, Taiwan is off the south coast of China, and was the point of final retreat for the then-government of mainland China when Mao marched in and took over in the late Forties. Up until the end of WW2, it had been occupied by the Japanese since the late 19th Century, which is one reason the culture - so I gather - can have a Japanese flavour to it at times.

Did I mention that apart from the high standard of living, it's incredibly cheap to live there as well?

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