New Year's Resolutions

If you're still looking for a good or worthwhile new year's resolution, here's one for you: this year write at least one brief (about one paragraph) review of a book you liked on its Amazon page.

There are lots of good books out there with no reviews at all and, personally, I do read a good few of the Amazon reviews for various products, though I often come away with the distinct impression when I read the bad reviews that the person voicing their opinion has not, in fact, read the book (or whatever) to which they are apparently directing their ire. The worst example is probably the Amazon Kindle reviews page on the American site where the authors of a huge number of overwhelmingly negative reviews quite candidly state that although they've never seen a Kindle - and aren't often very sure just what it is - they've decided not to like it, thank you very much.

This is very annoying.

So buck the trend; find a book or cd or whatever you thought was good or even excellent, preferably one with no reviews (or reviews you wildly disagree with), and give it a quick write-up. It won't take five minutes during the morning coffee break and you'll feel all warm and accomplished afterwards because the chances are good that the author/musician/whoever will see your words.

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