Best of lists

Crap! I had no idea Stealing Light had made Sci Fi Now magazine's 'best books of 2007' list, at least not until I happened to read it on Lou Ander's blog. Here's the list, copied and pasted from Ander's blog:

1) Halting State (Stross) - ORBIT
2) Stealing Light (Gibson) – TOR UK
3) Brasyl (McDonald) – PYR/GOLLANCZ
4) The Metatemporal Detective (Moorcock) - PYR
5) Helix (Brown) - SOLARIS


Other stuff - I'm back in Taiwan right now, and still a bit jetlagged. It was surprisingly cold the first few days here, but it's back to balmy weather and sunshine again. Double nice.

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AbbotOfUnreason said...

I thought it was interesting that Strange Horizons reviewed yours and (H)al's books in consecutive weeks.

Can't agree with either review.