Back to work

About time I started blogging regularly again. I'm going to try and haul my camera out a bit more and take some pictures around Taipei and post them here.

It took me about a week to get everything ready before coming over, and my ex-girlfriend is looking after my place back in Glasgow in the meantime. Under the circumstances it's no surprise my writing bit the dust for the duration of the preparations, although since arriving back in Taiwan I've resumed work on the current book.

For all that, the new book's been an absolute bugger to get back into, and every sentence feels about as much fun to write as pulling my own teeth. This is the kind of situation, I guess, that separates the pro's from the amateurs: do you keep writing or stop?

In my own case I'm still writing, and to my considerable surprise I'm knocking out upwards of a thousand words a day. I'm usually up and at the Mac by nine each morning, but it still often takes me three, maybe four hours to actually get started. But for all that, I've been in this situation before and it usually passes. That I already had the book fairly completely plotted beforehand helps a lot.

I passed through Hong Kong on the way here. In a sad and sorry testament to my own miserable levels of nerdiness, it occurred to me as I surveyed the high mountains beyond the airport that they looked a lot like the mountains you see in the distance in the original Doom.

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