Thar she blows

Here it is: the new hardback, next to my computer screen and mac mini from which it was, at least in part, spawned. It really says something for the Post Office that Pan had to send me a box of books twice. And the second time I'd lost such faith in the P.O. that I asked Pan to send it to someone else's house - necessitating first a trip on the subway to Hal's, followed by a taxi home with the package. Anyway, enough whining; it's here at last.


neil williamson said...

That looks splendid! I've been checking the stores on a regular basis, but no joy yet...

I note as well that for a book called "Stealing Light", it's got itself something of a nimbus going on there.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why Amazon.com and BN.com have no solid release date or information for the paper back?

I have been calling BN and checking Amazon on a regular basis. Amazon just says it isn't released yet and the BN people say despite their efforts they can't find any information on when its released or if its in the store.

I know it is supposed to be released on the 5th, but there seems to be a lot of confusion and I don't want to have to order it off Amazon if I can just grab it at the BN store in town.

Any information would be appreciated.

Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

Anon - that's the problem, there *is* no paperback - at least, not until the better part of a year from now. It's available to my knowledge in hardback only, and anything else is, I greatly suspect, a listing mistake I have already informed both Amazon and my publishers of. It's rather annoying, because it's confusing you, me, and some other people. I might mention your woes to my publisher, as a matter of fact, as evidence.

In terms of a BN store, if it's anything like the Borders I briefly worked in, the information on their computer screens will frequently be woefully inaccurate. Sometimes your best bet is to just look at the shelves and see what's there. I'm not sure where you're based - in the UK or the States or elsewhere - but there are often plenty of alternatives that can sometimes or even frequently be cheaper, or have no postage costs; play.com and www.bookdepository.com in the UK spring to mind. Also consider the Forbidden Planet website - there should hopefully be signed copies of the hardback available from them, although I don't know how much it would cost if it's being shipped from the UK to elsewhere.