Starburst review

Wow. I must be doing something right. Now I have a full page, lead review in the new Starburst magazine; Tor sent through a pdf of the page, and I just scanned through it. I'll pop into town later and pick up a copy 'for my files'. Or possibly just for reading and re-reading between sporadic fits of giggling. Here's a tasty wee line or two:
"Gary Gibson opens by taking on board a lesson Harry Harrison once demonstrated with the opening of his peerless Stainless Steel Rat - start with a line which hooks, and finish the first page with one that's so 'You said what?' that any reader - or overworked slush-pile assessor - simply has to turn the page."
That's not to say the reviewer doesn't have some caveats - and those make for interesting reading, because it's an opportunity to sort of look inside your own head from the outside. But still, it's a big review, and a very, very positive one. Yay for me.

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