Reviews just in

Went into town yesterday and picked up new copies of Death Ray and SFX magazines, both of which carried extremely positive reviews for Stealing Light, which is out on 5TH OCTOBER. Did I mention Stealing Light is out on 5TH OCTOBER? No? Well then, you should know it's out on 5TH OCTOBER, a Friday, so I wouldn't be hugely surprised to see it on the bookshelves a few days before then, if not already.

From Andrew Smillie's review in Death Ray:
"The story is progressed by smart, natural dialogue and mindblowing set pieces ... it's a truly dark book, examining all the worst human traits, a wide vein of blood, brutal sex and betrayal coursing throughout. An inventive and pacy adventure that's thrilling and unsettling in equal measure."
And from Saxon Bullock's in SFX:
"A gripping interplanetary saga ... balancing flashbacks, sharp characterisation and big-scale concepts, Gibson has produced a seriously entertaining page-turner not afraid to throw in shocking moments of violence, or to take the plot in unexpected directions."
Which is nice, as that guy in The Fast Show used to say. And hooray! I've done my back in again. Not nearly as badly as before, but that only got as bad as it did because I did things guaranteed to make it worse since I didn't know any better. A couple of days taking it easy, some painkillers, and ... hopefully ... I should be okay.

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Unknown said...

Great stuff with the book reviews....and to think just when your ready to leave the country.

Sorry about the back, taking it easy eh.......mmmm we will have to see about that....watch it or I will start calling you jim