getting hold of signed copies of Stealing Light

I had a query from Canada about how to get hold of one of the signed copies of Stealing Light that's going into London's Forbidden Planet in October. A quick query to FP's online customer services reveals they're happy to ship overseas, unless specifically stated otherwise. So if you're after one of those, that's the way to go.


Anonymous said...

Hi Greg,

I started reading Stealing Light yesterday, after a bloke in a bookshop gave the book to me when he saw me browsing though the English SF section.

I've no idea how a book proof can end up in the hands of a random visitor of a Dutch book store, but I'm enjoying the book a lot. The other two SF books I actually bought wil have to wait :)

Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

I worked in a Borders for a couple of months once, and there used to be a cardboard box in the staff room where all the freebies like proof copies of books would get chucked for people to pick through. I actually found a couple of interesting authors that way. I guess their cardboard box was getting a bit full ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Gary,

Just a quick message to see how your herniated disc was going?

You left a comment on my bad back blog ages ago, and I was wondering how you were going?