bad laptop

Sigh ... I don't know what I've done to anger the laptop gods, but I'm surely paying penance. I took the laptop out to the coffee shop tonight, and just avoided a near-direct hit from a major downpour that made me realise why they invented weather forecasting, and why I should pay more attention to it. This place has plugs so you can run your laptops off the power supply, as well as couches and comfortable seats, which is cool, except after about forty minutes despite being plugged into the wall my laptop's power meter showed it as running off a nearly depleted battery ... to cut a long story short I checked the power adapter, and the green light on it was dead, even when plugged into various other sockets. Changing the fuse back home didn't help either, so looks like it's bit the big one. The psu, that is, not the laptop - I stuck the original battery back in and it's running just fine. I ordered a new one over Ebay, so I should have a replacement in the next week or two. But still very, very, annoying.

Still. Got some ideas (rapidly saved to my gmail account) for the third book. There are hints something resembling an actual plot might make an appearance sometime in the next week or so, or at least a plot that isn't rambling, vague and incoherent (I heard that. Shut up). I'm bringing in a new character - a Catholic priest who's mostly machine. There's a brief mention of some of these in Stealing Light, kind of a passing mention near the start.

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