yes, you can take your laptop with you

Saturday, I took the Vaio out to a West End coffee shop, and didn't feel as much of a plonker sitting there with a laptop as I thought I might. In fact, if I hadn't had a laptop I might even have felt a little bit left out. I picked Offshore, because it has plenty of power points available for customers, and the seats are comfy. To my surprise, I didn't find the low music or people talking nearby in the least bit distracting. When I came home to my flat that evening prior to heading out again, I realised I'd got a lot more work done in a day out of the house than I'd managed while in the house for some considerable time. Since it was my birthday last week, I got a couple of nice presents that evening from friends, most particularly a print of a photo by Leanne, an artist of my acquaintance.

Generally, a busy weekend. I went up to the West End again on Sunday to catch up with friends and check out the West End Festival, and instead wound up slumped for most of the day on a friend's couch, talking. No laptop this time, mind you. The Glasgow publishers and authors networking event is on again this Wednesday, so of course I'll be there.

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