This weekend's also been spent in a Kafkaesque confusion of tracking numbers and phone contacts as I try and trace the package of advance review copies of Stealing Light Pan have sent me - or more specifically, the second package, since the first apparently disappeared en route to me - and I wouldn't even have known it was on its way if Dorothy hadn't emailed me and told me she'd seen one. Fortunately, Parcel Line decided it might be nice to leave a note at my house on perhaps the second or third time they turned up. Unfortunately, I work during the day, so I'm not there to get it. Even more unfortunately, the package is through Parcel Line. If it was Royal Mail I could walk five minutes down the road and pick it up from the sorting office - but the Parcel Line depot nearest to me is Cambuslang, a considerable number of miles away.

So I call up Parcel Line, and I get the number for Pan distribution, and I arrange a redelivery to my work address, and ... still no sign.

Luckily, Al got sent a copy, so at least I've seen the thing. This time the ARC has a full-colour, wraparound cover - it looks good.

Update - I called Parcel Line and, what do you know, they never got the new details from me. So I call Pan distribution - again - and give them the details - again. With any luck, I might actually get my own copies of the ARC before the book itself is published ...

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