books and ukeleles

Still no luck figuring out the domain issue, but it does explain why I got absolutely no email over the weekend ... there's a phone line I can call, but it's going to have to wait until I get home from work. Apart from that I finally got my hands on three copies of the Stealing Light ARC, and the page proofs for it at about the same time. That's probably going to take me a week or two to work through. I hear word as well that I'll be hitting Waterstone's front tables come October, when the hardback comes out: also, I'm the only title - according to my agent - coming out from Tor UK in that month.

I wound up in Tchai Ovna with several people last night to hear Andy play in support to a woman called 'Uni and her Ukelele' ... who might normally have been a little kitsch for my tastes, but it ended up a very entertaining evening. It's also a fair reflection on the musical tastes of Jane, whom I've known since she worked upstairs from me in my previous job, which tastes might be carefully described as 'eclectic': Jane picked up on Uni from her MySpace presence and got in touch and invited her to Glasgow while she was over on a European tour.

Uni, who's from San Francisco, ended up joining a group of us in Stravaigin's around the corner. Most of the people there being either students on break, unemployed or full time writers or whatever, they ended up going back to Al's after closing time whereas I, poor working sod that I am, had to make my way home.

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