ravening maw

The Vaio laptop is working very nicely, although I'm going to have to be careful not to fall into bad writing habits in terms of how I sit when I'm using the thing. I decided to also order a spare battery over Ebay, which should hopefully arrive in a couple of days. The thing is no larger than an A4 sheet of paper, with a keyboard that's beautifully easy to use. The machine's clearly seen a fair bit of use, but mostly it's stuff you wouldn't notice unless you looked carefully. So far I'm pleased.

I got an email from my agent Dorothy the other day saying if I'd seen the Advance Review Copies of Stealing Light - I hadn't, and was surprised they'd already been put together, considering the book isn't supposed to be out until October. Copies, it turned out, had been sent to me, but they appear to have disappeared into the ravening maw of Royal Mail. More are on their way.

Talking of ravening maws, I got an awful lot of work done on the synopsis for Stealing Fire this weekend, partly thanks to the laptop. It's just about done. The plot structure is there, and now it's a question of coming up with nice ideas to flesh out the details. One thing I'm thinking of putting in is a restaurant that eats its clientele. It's called, naturally enough, The Maw.

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