Working Man

I didn't mention it before because I'm lazy that way, but I'm finally back in a working gig, once more as a graphic designer. This time it's full-time rather than part time, the latter being preferable because it allows much more time for writing. But my savings dwindled at a horrendous speed during the several months I couldn't work, and I feel the need to recoup as much of it as possible. The writing, needless to say, kept me afloat at the worst of times - just - but it feels nice to actually have money coming in again every week.

Still, it's crossed my mind the reason I've had such a very positive reaction to the new manuscript is because I was forced by circumstances to do nothing but write, without leaving the house, for some months. I'm beginning to understand why some writers (at least, the ones who can afford to) choose to spend a couple of months somewhere a long way away with nothing to do but write.

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