So last night I wound up at the Centre of Contemporary Arts in town with H/al and Guitar Andy for the open-to-all launch for the Ballads of the Book cd, which puts together local bands with local writers. H/al in particular wrote the lyrics for a song by a band called Aerogramme. I'm aware of Aerogramme, though I hadn't really heard anything beyond the song H/al wrote with them. They were pleasingly ... hairy. In fact, there was one brief moment where I thought, 'why are The Magic Numbers here, and why are they talking to H/al?'

One of them muttered something about playing Xanadu in a Rush cover band, and my estimation of them went up immediately.

I'm back in the CCA later this afternoon, for a workshop on directing actors, another in the series of workshops provided gratis to members of the GMAC Talent Pool. Apparently it's intended to be 'interactive', which fills me with dread. I'm just a writer, can't I just ... sit in the back and take notes?

I'm struggling to do three things simultaneously right now: finish the edits on Stealing Light - two-thirds of the way there, and jumping onto it at every spare moment - trying to get some kind of day job sorted out - and also attempting to put together a complete pitch package for 'Personal Jesus'. So far myself and the director Shona (from STV) have:

• Taken pictures of Phil Raines dressed as a televangelist

• Contacted shitloads of producers in the hopes they're interested in helping us

• Contacted shitloads of actors in the hopes they're interested in helping us

• Hunted down possible locations for the shoot, if, if, if they give us the money (an old military barracks just outside of town, all Nissen huts, is looking favourable)

• Talked to a puppeteer who worked for ... Jim Henson, or something

• And a whole bunch of other stuff my fragile little mind is completely blanking on at the moment

And all this, for a cheap ten minute flick, shot on video and transferred to 35mm, that we don't even know we're going to get to make. Eh.

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