I got a letter through several days ago telling me the short script I'd submitted to the Glasgow Media Access Centre's Cineworks project got to the next stage. I'm still not sure what it entirely entails, but as I understand it GMAC can fund short films, presumably on a government development grant of some nature. I've been told to expect a letter in the next few days, and then to be at a meeting taking place at Glasgow's Centre for Contemporary Arts shortly thereafter. Again, I'm not sure what this will exactly entail, or even if the initial letter means I might (hopefully) see a short film of Personal Jesus being made.

Since I'm still new to a lot of this kind of thing, I make no assumptions; as far as I understand it, GMAC's primary focus is as a kind of networking facility for local film-makers, both professional and amateur, a way for budding or actual directors, actors, writers and so forth to meet and share ideas. In the meantime, I decided to bite the bullet and submit the script to the monthly screenwriting workshop I've been attending since the beginning of the summer.

While browsing the screenwriting workshop's website, I tripped across details of what very much appears to be an ongoing production of a science fiction movie set in Glasgow. There are some filmed sequences which appear well acted and at the very least to offer great potential; the story outline is perhaps deliberately sketchy. You can find it at www.thesimulation.co.uk, along with a great deal by the way of production notes and blogs. They also maintain a presence on MySpace.

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