Doing a little background research while scanning through the near as buggery finished book, I stumbled across a nice little list of 'fictional applications of real materials' amongst which, at a glance, I discovered:

Cheddite (from) Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers (by Harry Harrison): Made by irradiating cheddar cheese, it enabled faster-than-light travel.

I always loved that book. And I always had the idea if I could have been a movie producer or director, one of the films I'd want to make would be of The Technicolor Time Machine.


Bob Lock said...

Hiyahs Gary,

Perhaps you should also investigate the little known Central European cheese called 'Quark', it's a sort of cream cheese and is reputed to possibly be a potential method of powering space-craft engines, if a Free Quark can be discovered, (you probably know that so far none has been found due to the notion of confinement and of course the price of rennet and milk)

I myself prefer ricotta (especially affumicata, which is smoked) however, it is useless for any form of space travel but does taste rather nice :)

Looking forward to the new book, thoroughly enjoyed Angel Stations and Against Gravity.

Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

Hi Bob, I'm glad you enjoyed the books.