Signs of change in the part of Glasgow I live in. Unemployment is sky-high, lumps of concrete are regularly chucked out of top floor windows in high rises at passing cars, and entire streets are derelict. I used to live in the West End, which was way more upmarket. So upmarket that the people who made the area what it was - students, artists, writers, booksellers and so forth - can no longer afford to live in that part of town.

Yet amongst all the relative devastation, the BBC will soon open its new headquarters. A new road bridge over the Clyde will provide faster, cheaper access between the West End and the South Side.

And walking down Copland Road today on my way to post a letter, I saw a delicatessen had opened. A delicatessen. Here.

What next? Coffee shops? God, I hope so.

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Anonymous said...

Mind you, pies can be pretty delicate ...