The first half of this week was pretty bad again backpain-wise, but it's started to pick up once more, and I'm thinking of venturing out beyond the South Side once more (I was out a couple of times last week, just very brief forays into town on the subway, but I've stayed put the past several days). Mind you, this is the weekend of the Belfast con I was supposed to be a guest at, which limits my options a wee bit since a lot of people are over there.

The thing that seems to be helping now is resting, and not exercising. This worries me a little, since overcompensation due to pain can lead to some very sore muscles, and I feel like I should be doing something. But perversely enough, after a couple of weeks back there of fairly intensive, if relatively gentle exercising, its reached the point where doing exercises seems to increase the pain, not lessen it. I'm sort of hoping this means I'm past a certain curve, and I can now just let my body get on with healing itself.

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