I've been rigorously following the exercises in Robin McKenzies' 'Treat Your Own Back', doing a variety of sit ups and rolls ever hour and a half or two hours, six to eight times a day. I think it's making a difference - though I've said that before, about other treatments. Still, I'm feeling positive: I've had serious back problems for about six months now, during which my sciatica has pretty much dominated my life. It'll probably be at the very least another week before I can be sure it's having the effect I think it might be having. I've got a lot of very tired, very sore muscles that haven't had much exercise since before June.


Anonymous said...

from Mike Cobley

Hey, Gary - meant to ask if you got that laptop frame from China and does it work?

Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

I did get it, yeah. Wood's a bit cheap and it didn't take long to come apart, though, so I'd be cautious. On the other hand, they do another one very slightly more expensive (also on ebay), made of oak, so presumably a bit more sturdy. Worth it, though, I think.