Books: It's Friday, July 21st, so the mass market of Against Gravity must be out today! Not that I can get into town to find it, mutter mutter ... Pan/Tor have made up for the lack of cover quotes on the paperback edition by putting the quotes up on the book's page on the Pan Macmillan site, which is at least a step forward. Although if you're reading this, you already know what the quotes are, because they're in the column to the right of this one.

I've had one or two queries from the States about where they can find the book ... according to US Amazon, it's available for order, even if it isn't actually published there. If anyone's actually spotted it in any real-world bookshops on that side of the Atlantic, it would be nice to know, and I can maybe put up a list of where it can be found. You can also buy it through the Canadian Amazon (Update: I glanced back at the Canadian site and noticed the book isn't available until September 1st ... not sure why).

Unfortunately, I now note, there are mistakes. The US Amazon lists Against Gravity as a hardcover: it isn't. I also note, disturbingly enough, that another book with the same name, about motor racing by a chap called Edward McCabe, has the cover of my book displayed ...

On another related note, the Spanish edition of Against Gravity should be out later this year. I haven't found any details on the publisher's site, but they should be up closer to publication.

A couple of weeks ago Pan/Tor asked me for an updated biography for their website and future books. The old bio mentioned stuff like, writing since fourteen, used to be a magazine editor (ancient history now), yadda yadda. Boring. So I changed it to:

Gary Gibson lives in Glasgow. He has successfully avoided proper jobs for the majority of his adult life.

Or words to that effect ... I can't remember it exactly offhand, but I think that's it.

Update on the back: definitely improving. Crawling around on my hands and knees is now a thing of the past, though I'm far from fully mobile. I still get a lot of pain, but at least I can move around the house now, and get to the shops around the corner. I think the McKenzie exercises are helping - I've been doing them for about two weeks now. Now, it's a slow countdown to whichever weekend I think I might actually be able to go out again. Apart from one or two trips to an osteopath in the west end (most of which was invisible to me, as the only way to avoid terminal agony in the rear of the taxi was to lie flat in the rear seat, with my knees bent), I haven't seen anything beyond the immediate few blocks around my house in oh, a couple of months.

The better I get, though, the worse the stir-craziness gets. Yet I know I have to keep taking it very, very easy for some time yet: going out on any major expeditions (and by major expeditions, I mean getting the subway into town and popping into a couple of shops) could set me back if I'm not careful. I suspect I won't get out this weekend coming, and likely not the one after that. But if things keep improving as fast as they have been, perhaps the weekend after that.


Jim Steel said...

Congratulations. And ditto on the Spanish edition - I don't know about that one. That also opens up most of the Central and South American markets, I suppose. Which should be fun, given that some of it is set there.

Jim Steel said...

And Andorra.

Anonymous said...

Mike Cobley says -

Good to hear that you`re on the mend, matey. I promise that I`ll gie ye a ring - looks like my own nu deal inches ever closer!

And as for your plans to disburse 38bn semolians were they to land on yer desk, my own personal favourite would be to hire a top notch film crew using the latest digital tech and create videos to go along with my alltime fave rock choons. Y`know - War Pigs, Kashmir, Xanadu, that sorta thing!

Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

No, Mike. What you do is _buy_ the Sabs and what's left of Zep, to serve you mint juleps and breakfast in bed. And maybe the Who. To, I don't know, do the dusting.

Jim - yeah, I never thought of that, actually. I don't know if there's an Amazon or whatever for S. America (and no river jokes, please). A whole continent to conquer! M'wa ha ha!

Unknown said...

Hey gaz,

Well done on the news...good to hear you are on the mend and we will be making sure you are well represented in belfast.

Have to say....liked your idea of Garystan, however all you would be doing would be giving uncle george bush another country to invade and steal all your wealth

If I had 37 billion I would probably buy George W off and have him as my personal prank monkey...

chris m