Well, I think that's my adventure with the chiropractor probably over, after four visits, and as yet no real perceivable improvement in my condition: Monday and Tuesday were markedly better - as in, I wasn't in constant pain, even when lying down - and so I thought hooray, I'm on the mend, it works. I even made it to the supermarket across the road from the subway station at Hillhead for the first time in literally months, though it started to get painful by the time I headed home.

Come Wednesday, disaster. Shockingly bad pain all day and a worried look on the physio's face when I went to the physio clinic at Elderpark later that afternoon. Still, I've got a referral set up to pay a visit to the MRI for a scan on my spine: this will tell them whether or not surgery might be an option.

Sciatica arises primarily because the vertebrae shift out of position, and end up pressing against the sciatic nerve, although there's a bunch of other potential causes. If it's the spine pressing against the nerve, an option is literally to shave away the part of the bone creating the irritation. That's what I'm hoping to get checked out, assuming I'm still in at least this much pain by the time the MRI session rolls around.

The last chiro session, for the moment anyway, was today. It's hard to tell if I'm getting any benefit, though I'll see how I feel in a week's time before making any decisions concerning my opinion. I couldn't get a sense of any impartial opinion from the chiro: everything's always going great, which is nice and upbeat, but doesn't really tell you anything, while your back remains sore and you're still stuck hobbling around and barely able to get out of the house, if at all.

So at the very least I'm taking some time off work. Monda and Tuesday next week, and a fortnight very soon after that. It might be necessary to give my body a rest see how things go, given I haven't actually had a holiday since my back first went out in January (not to mention the fact I find it significant I had a good start to the week after doing my best to do very little moving throughout the preceding weekend).

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