Concerning the previous post about 'gateway' sf - it turned out to be curiously prescient, as you'll see if you go this article in Emerald City (Literary Fiction for People who Hate Literary Fiction).

I finally ordered a shiny new toy, as I promised I would once the new book deal was confirmed. The contracts are signed, by the way, and back with the agent; apart from working on the novel, at least the first quarter of the first draft of which is done, I'm going to dig up an old short story and see if I can work it into something manageable. The shiny new toy is the ATMT Storm, a 20Gb MP3 player which should take pretty much my entire cd and vinyl collection. In fact, it's so pretty and shiny (and cheap! £109 quid!) I may be forced to, I don't know, buy new cd's or something. But who, who to buy? Oh, the indecision.

As you'll recall, I managed to bugger the usb slots on my laptop, my main working machine, when my foot caught on a modem wire and partly pulled the machine off the coffee table on which it was resting. Thing is, NOBODY TOLD ME you could buy pcmcia slot cards that carried extra usb slots. Sure, I have to swap that and the wi fi card around if I want to take anything off or put anything onto a usb memory stick (or mp3 player), but for the cost of a tenner as opposed to god knows how much to fix the thing, I'm not complaining. So, once again the laptop is fully functional.


Mike Gallagher said...

I didn't know! Or I'd have told you. Shows what you get when you do your own research. Everyone else learns something.

RWM said...

I tell you, my CD collection has gorwn exponentially since I got an MP3 player. Having all your old stuff on random make sit start to seem all dull.