Blogging hasn't exactly been high on my list of priorities over the past couple of weeks, given I've been suffering from exceedingly bad back pain, bad enough last week I was almost literally paralysed as the muscles in the lower lumbar region of my back locked up. This necessitated a prescription from the local doctor which made any train of thought lasting more than five minutes something of a rarity: extra strong ibuprofen, diazepam, and co-dydramol (I think).

The pain is mostly gone now, but a visit to a physiotherapist is, I think, rather on the cards. Unsurprisingly, work on Stealing Light also took something of a hit.

Still, more reviews for Against Gravity are starting to roll in, as you can see from the bar to the right. One I particularly liked was in the BSFA's Vector magazine, which addressed the novel's plot in the terms I was hoping it would be, as a kind of dark mirror to real-world events. And now that I can actually focus on something for more than five minutes at a time, SL is starting to pick up pace once more.


paul f cockburn said...

Welcome back!

And, it's definately about time you thought about getting a proper, ergonomically balanced desk to write against... I don't think your two favourite writing positions are really doing your back any favours!

Yours, the back-expert-not!

Anonymous said...

Get some biofreeze and one of those bean-bags you can microwave. Back aches can become a common occurrence when sitting, slightly twisted to one side, to work through an edited typescript. I know that right now.

Neal Asher