So anyway, I got an offer from Tor UK for 'Stealing Light', which means I'll have to get nailed down and get to serious work on the thing over the next several months. The nice thing about a new book deal is this time, large chunks of it won't be going on a deposit on a house. This time, I get to spend it all on ME.

For a start, I can actually afford to take a proper holiday for the first time in a very, very long time. Where and when is hard to say, but sometime in the summer next year seems like a good time, ie whenever I finish Stealing Light. But I've had it in mind that it might be nice to take up to several weeks off the day job and go to some places I've never been before, and certainly going to an American con has entered my mind.

First, time to spend a little money on ME. Therefore, in the words of Max Bialystock: I'm going to buy a toy. I worked very, very hard, and I think I deserve a toy. But the type you find in Dixons electric stores.


MJ said...


Anonymous said...

Well done. Now on to the important stuff - what toy are you getting?

- Rory

paul f cockburn said...

Congratulations on selling the book. Do you have a fairly tight deadline on this, or are you just wanting to get the ball rolling so the cheques can arrive asap?

So, are we going for big flashy lights toy, something ultimately rather useful (like a digibox for your big tv screen), or something so wonderfully useless it must - by definition - be pure luxury?

Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

Still haven't made up my mind. Already got a digibox, but I did quite fancy either a dvd recorder or a hard disk recorder for the tv.

Or a big robot dinosaur. I like big robot dinosaurs.

MJ said...

Get a robot maid!

Anonymous said...

Great news!

That new Xbox 360 looks intriguing. I haven't sold a book but I'm still thinking of giving myself one as a present, just for being me,


(who can't figure out this 'other' or 'anonymous' thing)

Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

They haven't actually mentioned deadlines yet, but probably about July for the final draft.

Baz, skip the 360: I've heard it's only worth the money if you've got HDTV. Or, you could get one of those too. Everyone's waiting around, I think, to see what the other consoles come out like. I was talking to someone who works in games development for the Xbox amongst others, and his opinion was the jump in graphics wasn't enough to justify the expenditure. Mind you, I haven't seen it, so what do I know?

Actually, Baz, you could always drop round some time and try out my own xbox if you fancied and see if you want to go console.

In terms of toys, what I was really thinking of was a cheap dvd recorder or hard disk recorder for the tv. That would be nice. Otherwise it's all practical stuff I think I need, like driving lessons and a tumble dryer, both of which I can finally afford to spend the money on. Beyond these few purchases, my tendency is to be very financially cautious and keep a lot of money squirreled away.

Anonymous said...

Nice one. I enjoyed your first two and certainly expect to enjoy this.
Neal Asher