Things are starting to pick up pace a little. The publication date for Angel Stations has been moved back a couple of weeks to the beginning of September, which I've been assured is the best month of the year for having a book out by a variety of sources. Okay, two. Okay, one was my agent. But I believe her.

In the meantime, I've had a little feedback over my second novel, Against Gravity. To reiterate - a few months ago I sent a (very) rough draft of the book to my agent, who apparently really liked it

So why let them take a look at it before it's even really finished? Because its a second novel. You might think writing and selling a novel the first time round is hard; you might assume it gets easier the second time around You'd be wrong. Second books are a lot harder. Why? Because there are expectations. Money. Stuff like that. Suddenly you're under pressure - and on a deadline. Slightly brain-warping.

I'm in the final run-up to finishing the book, preferably by the end of March. I got to talking about it with my agent, which conversation sparked off some ideas I'll be subsequently incorporating into AG.

I also got a pan macmillan booksellers catalogue through the post, including a huge promo ad for Angel Stations (to put this in perspective, the catalogue consists entirely of nothing but huge promo ads for Pan's books under a variety of imprints). Strange, seeing my name that big ...

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