There's not much I can say about this, because it's so far beyond the pale I can barely summon up much more than a kind of horrified croak. It comes via furious spinner. It seems David Blunkett, the Labour Home Secretary, is charging the victims of miscarriages of justice 3,000 quid for every year they were wrongfully held in jail.
I think there's been exactly one time in my life I didn't vote Labour, and that was the one time I voted Green. It's becoming increasingly easy to say I won't vote Labour in the next election. The only choice left now appears to be the Liberal-Democrats, and I'm not above admitting I used to dismiss them as a kind of Tory-lite.
It's not a definite, though - I look forward to being persuaded one way or the other - but after this, I can't imagine voting for Labour as they currently are.

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