Okay. Here it is.

Cool, or what? I'm thinking of holding a competition or something, to try and figure out just who that is on the cover. I say this because there's a piece about Angel Stations at Trashotron which suggests that maybe its Kiefer Sutherland, but personally I'm thinking it's the loudmouthed blond guy from Hustle, currently running on BBC1.

Against Gravity is now more-or-less officially finished 'for now'. Either the manuscript gets posted, or it's sayonara brain. Though I'm going to leave it for maybe another couple of days before I print it off, since I'm pretty sure something urgent'll occur to me in the next couple of days.

One of the nice things about allowing myself some time off, even just for a couple of days, is that suddenly the floodgates open and neat ideas for new books come pouring through. Otherwise, I'm chillin' for the next couple of days. Which means two things I've promised myself: trip to the library to get out some random stuff on war, politics and history to see if it sparks any ideas, trip to Amazon to buy a shitload of books, and a trip to town for a game for the Xbox. Preferably one with lots of guns. Lots of guns.

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