Blogging will definitely be getting a bit less frequent over the next few weeks while I try and get finished with the current draft of Against Gravity - one of those drafts that involves less furious typing, more staring at a screen for half an hour before typing a line or two that, hopefully, makes things clearer.

In the meantime, the people at Locus Magazine Online (www.locusmag.com) have very kindly listed this blog in their links page, which should get me a few more hits If anybody wanders across this page from there and is wondering who I am, I'm a Scottish author with a two-book deal through Tor UK/Pan Macmillan. The first book - a space-opera called Angel Stations - is due out in early September in the UK. You'll find a link to the UK Amazon page in the bar on the right. Further information you can find at www.toruk.com

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