So today I got a package through from Pan, containing not only a laser-print of the completed cover, but also two bound proof-copies of the book itself, none of which I'd been expecting just yet - since I'd been given no warning they were coming. It's now I have to seriously think about upgrading my blogger account so I can post pictures as well as text.

Perhaps foolishly, I sort of half-assumed they'd let me know someone was working on the cover. Unfortunately, I don't even know who the artist is - but since Steve Stone's name was getting kicked about a lot, and the fact it looks like his style, I'll say I'm 90 per cent certain that's who it is. It took a while before it sank in, but the cover pretty accurately matches one of the suggestions I gave them when they asked me if I had any ideas for the cover art. It's not strictly representative of any one particular scene, but rather a blend of images from different parts of the story - all sort of multilayered, half-visible through each other, with Elias in the foreground.

Basically, it looks great. Really great. ALthough I would have to say Elias looks a little too young and fresh-faced to be a grizzled ex-soldier on the run from an inescapable destiny. Mind you, I'm more than happy to live with it as it is. It would just be nice if they made him look, I don't know, just a touch more weatherbeaten and tired ..

The next step is to email Pan back and sort out whether or not I can post the artwork yet. If that's the case, the next step is to set this blog up to take the picture.

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