So things maybe do work out in the end - I'm still waiting for final word, but I may indeed have finally bought a house. It's a one bedroom property on the south side, about fifteen minutes cycle or half an hour's walk or twenty minutes on the subway from the West End; it has a huge kitchen, but I'm going to have to rent a room out to make it more affordable. It's big and spacious and bright with a really nice garden out back, so even with myself and Mandy and whoever we get in to rent a room, it won't feel too crowded.

The way these things work in Scotland, everything is 'subject to conclusions', meaning either party can pull out for whatever reasons until the ink is signed on the contract. Nothing is definite until then. However, I spoke to my financial advisor's lawyer, who told me if I could manage a certain sum then I had the property - only a little over what I did offer. So I gave him the go-ahead.

What else? I'd been intending to go and see a band I really like tonight called Elbow playing at Glasgow University, but this looks unlikely as Mandy is down with sinusitis. I've called one or two people, but either they can't make it or their mobile phones are switched off. To the fields of Hades with ye, people who never switch their bleeding mobiles on ...

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