I feel like I should have a fanfare here ... nothing important really, it's just that Neal Asher was asking for a blurb for Angel Stations, and god knows it's not like anybody who doesn't actually know me has any idea what the damn thing is actually about ... so here's a blurb, taken from the web site i'll be putting up a bit closer to the time. I felt I needed to check things out with my editor before I really felt too comfortable talking about it.

"Elias Murray, ex-soldier, haunted by the effects of genetic manipulation, and on the run from the gangs of 26th Century London; Kim Amoto, lonely rock hermit, imprisoned by her own guilt and the encoded memories of her dead lover; Ernst Vaughn, would-be messiah; and Ursu, a priest on a distant alien planet who must betray his own, very real god in order to save his people.
How they come together, and how their fate is entangled with one of the worlds accessible through the Angel Stations - vast hyperspace terminals created by the race known only as the Angels - is a journey to the heart of a billion-year old war, whose original purpose and meaning has been long forgotten ... "

So there you go, and hope that satisfies your curiousity Neal (yeah, wonder how the above would sound with one of those growly voices you get over Hollywood trailers)- I'd have stuck it up on the Tor UK forums there, but i'm still more of a wannabe media whore than the full blown variety yet.

Trust me though, I'll get there. I'll get there.

So I told people I was going to take a break from writing (yeah, right) but instead I'm keeping myself partly busy at least thinking about what to do with the second nov (sitting around staring at the pretty flowers) and trying to think of ways to direct the plot in the next draft. Do I go for a major overhaul of the way the plot is laid out (alternate chapters set in past and present) or opt for something gentler? Probably something gentler - that makes the change between 'past' and 'present' seem less abrupt. One or two characters will get combined into one. One or two characters will remain roughly the same in their motivation, while undergoing entire history and motivation overhauls. I suspect the hero will be a good bit darker, really screwed up - if my writing is up for it.

I think I'm looking at at least two (no more than three) major drafts, with one or two mini-drafts floating around in there somewhere.

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