An epic editing session got me to within twenty pages of the Angel Stations manuscript this afternoon. It should be done by Sunday sometime, after which I'll still have to read through the whole manuscript again with considerable attention to detail. I'd already warned my editor I felt the last section of the book needed the most editing, and as expected I've doen my own pruning and re-shaping as well as my editor's own suggestions. It's been an interesting experience altogether, albeit an extremely exhausting and laborious one.

Going over the whole manuscript to do the final tweaking shouldn't take too long, but I'll still need to do it soon, since I want to get into the second novel which is being workshopped with my writer's group in several days time. However, I've decided I need some kind of a break, so once I feel reasonably happy with Stations, I'll relax a bit for a week or two - or until I get bored and crank up the laptop.

I got a nice welcoming message from Neal Asher, one of the other writers contracted to Tor UK. I wonder how he found the blog? Random google search perhaps, or are more people reading this? Perhaps I should start asking people. I do get a certain number of hits per day, but its hard to tell just where they're coming from and who they are. Primarily other science fiction writers, I greatly suspect; the evidence so far certainly seems to suggest so. Well, that's ok, because I read all their blogs too.

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