This is exactly the kind of thing a terrorist organisation like Real World in RWK would use ... I found this through William Gibson's blog actually, and it's exactly the kind of real-world element you can use to really flesh out a story and make it seem real.

"The RAPTOR Mark III is the fastest and most versatile security vehicle in the world. It mounts a devastating choice of firepower as well as a comprehensive assortment of non-lethal weapons, all interchangeable and deployed through a retractable top.It is shown here with the M-134 7.62 mm Minigun which has a rate of fire 3,000 rounds per minute. With weapons stowed the RAPTOR appears to be a civilian vehicle."


What else? Off tonight to talk to a friend of a friend about getting a possible mortgage sorted out and various elements thereof. Sort of feeling out the territory; an independent mortgage broker who did some business with another friend of mine, and it's always a good thing to be able to exploit any kind of personal contact in any kind of business arrangement. He knows the market well, so let's see.

Sad bastard that I am, I will be hooked to the tv tonight to see the last episode ever of Buffy show tonight on its first UK screening on Sky. And then .... I'm free! Free! I have my Thursday's back! And suddenly there's absolutely no reason for me to maintain my subscription to Sky ...

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